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100% Organic Promotion

100% Organic Promotion on social media marketing, email marketing & Programatic adds by our unique  marketing Campaigns.

Reach target audience

You can reach a wide range of listeners. And the listeners only come from your targeted Geo-location, Gender, Age, occupation, interest & designation that’s the way you can filter your real audience. which will be helpful for your business.

Increasing Downloads & Subscribers

Do not order to get Bot/Click Farm/Fake Traffic/Downloads/Subscriber’s 100% safe and Natural organic audience 

Long lasting results

Keyword Research and ranking, regarding your show. Dofollow backlinks, Tired link building, Contextual backlinks, Backlinks from High DA sites. Full off-page SEO can give you long-lasting results.

  Podcast Promotion Plans

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. All plans offer a full money back guarantee..



7 days

   Approximate traffic amount 5000-6000 Traffics in 7 days.

 Approximate Downloads- 2.5K+ 

  Min(300-400) Subscribers in 7 days. (Guaranteed)

 Approximate 150-200
5 Star ratings in 7days.

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15 days

  Approximate traffic amount 11000- 13000 Traffics in 15 days.

 Approximate Downloads- 7.5K+ 

   Min(650-700) Subscribers in 15 days. (Guaranteed)

 Approximate 350-400
5 Star ratings in 15days.

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Standard +


30 Days

  Approximate traffic amount 27000-29000 Traffics in 30 days.

 Approximate Downloads- 16.5K+ 

   Min(1300-1400) Subscribers in 30 days. (Guaranteed)

  Approximate 700-900
5 Star ratings in 30days.

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90 Days

  Approximate traffic amount 60000-70000 Traffics in 90 days.

 Approximate Downloads- 35K+ 

   Min(2600-3000) Subscribers in 90 days. (Guaranteed)

 Approximate 1400-1700
5 Star ratings in 90days.

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How Does It Work?

There is lots of way promotion can be worked out but the few things are given below

Programmatic ads

Automatic webcast publicizing permits you to focus on your pre-kept advertisements continuously powerfully. Basically, the promotions are robotized, in view of an offering framework, to appear to a client in light of their listening conduct. This permits digital recording promoters to contact their crowd in a new, really captivating way.

Create Backlinks

The online world is not very much different from the real one, so building links means building a reputation. The incoming links leading to your podcast signify that your resource is very useful and contains credible information. It means that they confirm the validity and utility of the data provided in your podcast, and thus can be recommended to others.

Email Marketing

We have 500K organic sourced email lists & counting. We do email marketing using tools like MailChimp. and for our premium long-time services, we place backlinks to blogs or websites, related to podcast topics

 ​Promote on social media

Share rich media, soundbites, video, images, teasers, evergreen — anything you can think of
We’re so lucky to have the amazing social networks that we do. There’s just so much creativity and fun to be had with promoting a podcast on social media.

Find partners to mention you

We will find a partnet who will mention you. This strategy has roots in content marketing where there’s often a reciprocal effect when you mention a business in a blog post. You’ll often find that business then mentions your post on their social channels.
For podcasts, it can work in a similar way. If you mention any businesses or brands in your episode, this provides an opportunity to reach out to those brands afterward to give them the good news of being featured.!

Keywords ranking & SEO

We will promote some of your podcast keywords with do follow link which will give you the longtime results.